Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Herding of the Goats

The 2nd Annual "Herding of the Goats Up Across the Balds" successfully took place the morning of June 24, 2009. Todd Eastin, with the help of at least 40 friends, led 44 Angora goats, 1 milk goat named Blue, and their 2 Great Pyrenees guard dogs across Roan's Grassy Balds from Carvers Gap to the summit of Jane Bald where they will spend the summer eating Canada Blackberry and other woody plants that are invading these rare high elevation grasslands. Supporters included the Charger / Recharger Hiking Club (9 members), the Family Salisbury (5), the Usual Suspects & Friends (17), and Cherokee National Forest (10). Photo by Jeanne Berkley.