Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3rd Annual Herding of the Goats!

This will be the 3rd Annual Herding of the Goats onto the Balds! Join us on Wednesday, June 23: with alternate bad weather days on the 22nd and 24th. Meet at Carvers Gap at 8:00am so the goats can beat the heat. Contact Jamey (tnplanthunter@yahoo.com) if you are willing to volunteer and help our baa-tany friends make it up to their summer home. If you are coming, please confirm with Jamey so he can prepare paperwork, and give him your phone number so he can contact you in case of change in plans.

If you would like to be a volunteer shepherd for a weekend, please contact Julie (jjudkins@appalachiantrail.org).

Weekend goatherds needed (Friday afternoon – Sunday afternoon):

July 2-4: Not Available
July 9-11: Not Available
July 16-18: Not Available
July 23-25: Not Available
July 30-August 1: Not Available
August 6-8: Not Available
August 13-15: Not Available
August 20-22: Not Available
August 27-29: Not Available
September 3-5: Not Available
September 10-12: Not Available

3rd Annual Herding of the Goats OFF the Balds (Wednesdays):
September 15: probable date
September 22: may stay an extra week if the weather is favorable…